Being Involved

Being involved in the CRC is a fantastic way of filling in any spare time you have. It's a great way to meet new people, to learn new skills and connect to the community. You gain a feeling of achievement when you help someone.

Whether it be sending a fax, photocopying, directing someone to a service, or even making a cup of tea. We offer training and mentoring and are happy to welcome those who have a passion to belong and become involved.

In our Centre you can volunteer and assist in many ways, on our Management Committee or on projects and other activities for example:

  • Clerical Assistance
  • Computer Tuition
  • Events and Fundraising
  • Tax Help
  • Food Store
  • Volunteer Tutoring
  • Men's Activities


Volunteering is vital to the social, economic and environmental well being of our community. It's a way for people to become involved in their community. A way that is interesting, personally satisfying, productive and fun.

  • It can be formal or informal
  • Full-time or part-time
  • Occasional or even once-off
  • You can experience working for causes that you are interested in
  • Assist in creating change in areas that are important to you
  • You can build new skills
  • Teach others new skills you already have
  • Meet new people
  • Add variety to your work experience

Many people already make a difference by volunteering each year in a wide range of tasks which assists us in providing services. They volunteer for many reasons and in many different ways.

“Volunteers do not necessarily have the time; they just have the heart.”

~Elizabeth Andrew